InQuik Bridge

The InQuik bridging system is a leap forward in concrete bridge construction. Standardised, pre-certified, mass-producible and able to be transported globally, this solution makes building the bridge deck cheaper, quicker and easier.

Conquik Panel

Lifting Point’s DIY Conquik panel kit makes constructing a concrete slab easy! Each kit contains reinforcing mesh, sideform and clips to join everything together, giving optimal concrete cover and a high quality, long-lasting product. Simply clip it together, place it on level ground and fill it up with concrete!

BuiltQuik Housing

Lifting Point’s collapsible modular housing system is a revolutionary new product that makes containerised modular housing cheaper, with faster delivery and better quality than conventional systems. This patented technology has been carefully designed to make significant product improvements to modular housing units, including totally new construction systems.

Easy-Access Service Duct

Lifting Point's Easy-Access Service Duct provides an effective alternative ducting system, which allows services to be easily installed, maintained and removed. Strong enough to act as a supporting member, the duct sits inside the wall/roof, and has a snap-on lid that lies flush with the surface, enabling access to the services within.