Modular Housing

Lifting Point’s collapsible modular housing system is a revolutionary new product that makes containerised modular housing cheaper, with faster delivery and better quality than conventional systems. As well as making modular housing more financially accessible, this patented technology has been carefully designed to make significant product improvements to modular housing units, including totally new construction systems. The critical components of the housing modules are telescopic columns on the corners. These allow it to reduce to half the height of a normal container, enabling two units to be transported in the space of one standard shipping container. The transportation cost, which is a major expense in modular building, is then effectively halved. In addition to its substantial transport cost savings, our collapsible modular system design has a plethora of advantages that improve all stages of the manufacturing and distribution process, including the fabrication and product quality, transportation and on-site setup of the modular units. Modular Building

Major product features

  • Sloped roofs can be incorporated, enabling a large number of new structure designs for modular buildings.
  • The system is formatted around the ISO shipping container, making it easy to transport and position, giving it a global distribution range.
  • The manufacturing process is designed to mimic mass-production in the automotive industry, with fragmented fabrication of components, and centralised assembly.
  • The product can be pre-certified at the factory, so there is no requirement for costly testing and on-site certification, and the unit simply needs to be connected to the services
  • As the modular units take up half as much volume as a standard container, twice as many units can be delivered using the same transportation resources.
  • The product requires minimal on-site setup, with the option of having fully complete interior fittings and services.



Lifting Point’s collapsible modules are suitable for anything that can be built with containerised modular units, including mining/military, holiday cabins, retirement villages, emergency relief, hospitals, hotels, apartments and warehouses. The sloped roof design can be used to quickly and cheaply build a house with a more traditional appearance. building-application

Emergency relief supplies can be transported quickly in the containers, which then convert into a large, secure building.

Modular Building

The containers can be stacked and connected together to create mezzanine apartments in a high-rise building. In this application, the corners of each container have an ‘L’-shape, so that connected four containers together would create a large enclosed space, which can be filled with reinforcing mesh and concrete to make supporting columns.




More Information

More Information Please contact us if you would like further information on this patented system. Note that due to the sensitive nature of the product designs, we would require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be put in place.