BuiltQuik Housing

The BuiltQuik ‘Central Frame’ building system is a revolutionary new modular construction method that is quick and easy to transport to remote sites, simple to install, and can be manufactured locally in any region. The BuiltQuik frame designs provide solid, secure building structures, onto which exterior wall fixtures and internal fittings can be added to complete the structure to the desired layout.

The framing system is based around a central frame, which uses telescopic columns to collapse to half height during transport, allowing two units to be transported in the space of one standard shipping container. Once the frame is erected on-site, standard metal components are then attached to the central frame to construct the desired building structure.

Major product features

– Easy to transport
– Height adjustable
– Transitional/permanent
– Fully modular (add/remove floor sections as needed)
– Versatile wall finishes
– Quickly deployed & assembled
– Rated for up to category 5 cyclone


The BuiltQuik housing system is packaged efficiently for transport, then on-site the components are connected together to construct the building frame.


The BuiltQuik modules are suitable for anything that can be built with containerised modular units, including mining/military, holiday cabins, retirement villages, emergency relief, hospitals, hotels, apartments and warehouses. The sloped roof design can be used to quickly and cheaply build a house with a more traditional appearance.

A major application of the BuiltQuik system is for building in remote communities. The structures are simple to put together, requiring low skill to assemble, and they can be clad and fit-out using local materials. The BuiltQuik system can also be used to build temporary/transitional housing, as the height adjustable columns also allow an assembled structure to be dismantled and collapsed for relocation.

Emergency relief supplies can be transported quickly in the containers, which then convert into a large, secure building.


Modular Building

More Information

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