Plumbing System

Lifting Point’s Plumbing Drainage Coupler is an innovative plumbing manufacturing solution for mass-producing bathroom drainage systems. This patented technology uses a specialist computer program to design the drainage coupler unit, from which a mould is made using etching or 3D printing methods, then the units are mass-produced using vacuum or blow-moulding techniques. The drainage couplers are thus produced as a single solid system, eliminating the current need to combine multiple small pieces of plumbing.

Use of the Drainage Coupler can result in massive cost and time savings where the same bathroom layout is constructed multiple times, such as for bathroom pods, modular housing, hotels, student accommodation and project homes. For exported projects, this system would also eliminate the current need to import plumbing components to satisfy the codes and regulations of the destination country, as the computer program contains this information and pre-certifies the unit by design.


Major product features:

  • Labour expenses for the plumbing of large, repeated projects are significantly reduced.
  • Installation of the plumbing is much faster, as individual components do not need to be glued together.
  • Greater control and standardisation would result in fewer defects and reduce the risk of human error.
  • The computer program can optimise the design of the system to give the shortest flow route, and minimise material use.
  • The unit has openings to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance, and if necessary the whole unit can be removed and replaced.

We are currently seeking a partner to develop the software element of this product. Please contact us with expressions of interest.

More Information

Please contact us if you would like further information on this patented system. Note that due to the sensitive nature of the product designs, we would require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be put in place.