Conquik Panel

One of the biggest jobs in the backyard is making a reinforced concrete slab for sheds, BBQs, pathways, etc. You need to buy all the separate components, construct the formwork and place the reinforcing mesh at the right height and distance from the edge (to give the right ‘concrete cover’ to prevent cracking), then mix, pour and level off the concrete. It takes skill and experience to do properly. To make this task as easy as possible, Lifting Point has designed the Pre-Form DIY Concrete Panel kit which you can simply purchase at the hardware store. This patented system contains everything you need to setup the slab (except concrete). The reinforcing mesh is connected to the formwork using plastic clips, so that the whole system structurally supports itself, and the reinforcing mesh is at just the right height and distance from the edges. There’s no need for specialist tools or equipment as it just clips together. It is quick and easy to assemble and produces high quality, consistent results. With a Pre-Form DIY kit, practically anyone will be able to quickly make quality, robust concrete slabs.

Pre Form Panel Pre Form Panel

Major product features

Comes as an easy-to-assemble kit that almost anyone can put together.
Three main components: steel side-form, plastic clips, and steel reinforcing mesh.
Setup of the panels is very quick and simple, removing the skill and experience currently needed to make a high quality concrete slab. Gives fully consistent results and is properly engineered and robust, giving the confidence of a high quality, strong and long-lasting product.

The Pre-Form DIY Concrete Panel is suitable for all outdoor concrete slab applications, including garden sheds, rainwater tank bases, pathways, driveways, and pads for BBQs, air-con units, gas cylinders, garbage bins and pumps. One of our specialist designs is for a panel with a ‘stepped’ formwork, so that the walls of a shed can sit on the recess, preventing water from getting in. We also have Pre-Form panel designs for council footpaths, suspended floors, elevated walkways, tilt-up and curtain walls.

More Information

Please contact us if you would like further information on this patented system. Note that due to the sensitive nature of the product designs, we would require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be put in place.