Easy Access Service Duct

The current methods of running services, such as wiring and plumbing, are very inefficient and difficult to maintain. They are usually either placed within walls without any duct to contain them, or pulled through a conduit, which can result in problems with bends, other bulky services, or damage. Many modern wall materials can also make it difficult or impossible to carry services conventionally within the walls, and an external duct is used, which can interfere with objects like furniture, and is aesthetically undesirable.

Lifting Point offers an alternative solution for running services, using our patented Easy-Access Service Duct. This ducting system has two main defining features: it is designed to be placed within the wall cavity, with a snap-fit, removable cover; and its strength and structure allow it to be used as a supporting member, if required.

Lifting Point’s Easy-Access Service Duct system sits snugly within the wall panel, and with appropriate wall cladding, can give a fully flush finish. The exterior parts can be patterned and/or painted as desired, and removing the snap-on cover enables access to the void duct space. Furthermore, the rigidity and strength of the duct system allows it to structurally support the two aligned wall panels, and it can even act as a supporting beam within the building.

There are many possible designs for the Service Duct, depending on the duct’s purpose. The duct can sit between two insulated wall panels, and an additional space can be created next to the service void space, to place additional insulation material.

Duct_2 Duct_1

Major Product Features

  • Installation of the duct is cheaper and quicker than alternative products.
  • Access and inspection/repair/upgrade of services is quick and easy, leading to long-term cost and time savings.
  • When roofs/ceilings are installed with a Service Duct, there is no longer a need for a lower ceiling to contain these services.
  • Due to the multi-component design, parts can be mixed and matched depending on the specific requirements of a ducting system, including duct dimensions and external finish. This also allows the duct to be repurposed.
  • Wiring looms or pre-made whole service packages can be installed, instead of individual components.

Duct_3  Duct_4


In addition to containing electrical/communications wiring and water/gas piping services, the duct can also hold lighting, and channel air conditioning/central heating.

As the service duct is fully flush with the wall, it is suitable for sterile areas, such as restaurant kitches, coolrooms, hospitals, laboratories and clean rooms.

In addition, the ability to easily modify services, while keeping them contained within the wall, makes the duct perfect for applications in general construction, such as for office partitioning, retain shopping centre party walls, and buildings which use laminated insulation panels as a combined roof and ceiling.


Sprinkler_without_labels  Duct_6

Duct_7  Duct_8

More Information

Please contact us if you would like further information on this patented system. Note that due to the sensitive nature of the product designs, we would require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be put in place.